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Chaotic Renan

In my heart, a strange attractor.

So… The college is taking a lot of time away from me. I am doing several classes, some hard ones like multi-variable calculus, numerical analysis, graph theory, formal languages and automata. So far I am doing good at least.

I didnt gave up on this blog yet (:


Here you can get the source code for the newthon-raphson fractal and a polynomial root finder. I even did write a function to get the derivative :0

There is no comments nor a README file because I have an exam soon, very soon, but I will comment out some lines and make a README file soon. I shall improve the program in the next few days/weeks.

I got a Calculus 2 test in a few hours… Yeay…


So I am taking a class of Numerical Analysis on college, which means that I have a moral obligation of writing a Newton-Raphson fractal.

If you dont know the Newthon-Raphson method take a look here. More info about the fractal here.

For now the colours are shitty, there is no antialias nor shading. I pretend to improve the program and as always release it as free software.

So, I am writing a Newthon-raphson fractal in C, but it looks like a screwed mandelbrot set. wtf

When I started to colour the attractor while they were generated I made a simple algorithm that covers the HSV with full saturation and value while cycling the hue. A little after I made a algorithm that goes to one colour to another, very simple. Also I made one that reads colours from a file and it was VERY SLOW because I was always reading from the disk.

Now I rewrote the algorithm. It takes the colours from the disk and leave it on the RAM, where it can be read way faster. Those images were coloured using this method, reading a palette from the disk.

I am very pleased with the results.