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Chaotic Renan

In my heart, a strange attractor.

I made a new colouring algorithm. There was two that I used. One started with one colour and shifted to other. The other method covered the whole HSV colour space with a fixed value for both saturation and Value, only the hue changed.

The one I am using now supports up to six colours. It first draws using the first colour while slightly change, then it jumps to the second and so on.

"Truth… is much too complicated to allow anything but approximations." - John Von Neumann

I usually stay with 2 dimensional equations, one equation for the X axis and one for the Y axis. Why?

To make those images I need to use a equation with chaotic behaviour. If one equation is chaotic and the other isnt the image wont be a good one. It will probably make a line or something like that. Since the each equation affects the other, 3 dimensional attractors are a little harder to make since it will need the 3 equations to have a chaotic behavior.

The images that I now posted are a slice of the 4 dimensional attractors.

Calculus helps a bit to make the equations, because will kind of know its behavior. how fast it grows, etc.

It curious how most of the images where a circular like shape, but others dont, like the last two.

A zoom sequence of an image that was generated for the last post but that I didnt use. Well, I am using it now.

On the third image there is an evident structure that appears in other two places on the second image, rotated and scaled, but still the same structure.

I just trow some random equations out of my brain on the program and it makes quite a few nice structures. A set of simple rules generating complexity.

Those colours remember-me of orchids.